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It has always been my belief that we, as women, need to laugh more. Mothers experience some of the most stressful working conditions on the planet, and stress can be dangerous to women's overall health and longevity. Humor can reduce stress because it is reassuring and diffuses fear and anxiety. It is also an effective relaxation and coping tool. "Scientific evidence has shown that laughter helps people breathe easier, and it massages the heart and other vital organs. Other studies have shown that a positive outlook guards against illness and may even increase longevity."1 One study from Vanderbilt University shows that humor can even help you lose weight! Reading a humorous book and laughing just 15 minutes a day for one year could net you a loss of up to four pounds!

I have found humor to be a balm in my life. Writing humor has been a form of therapy for me when family life gets stressful. I hope it will be therapeutic for you as well.


"I seriously laughed until I cried.  I had to tone myself down so that I didn't wake up a sleeping Audrey in the next room!  You have a gift for storytelling!"  Maria, Mother of 2

"Kersten Campbell is a comic genius!" G.G. Vandagriff, author, "The Last Waltz"

"This Book is highly entertaining," Alena Telford, Reviewer for Mycleanbookreviews.com

"Okay everyone you simply must run to the closest bookstore and get this book, not just for you, but for every mother you know.  I got mine in the mail today and not only am I loving it, but my 13 yr. old daughter can't keep her hands off it.  She struggles with reading, but this book has her mesmerized.  This book is now on my top ten list."  C.S. Bezas, author, "Powerful tips for Powerful teachers"

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